Your Signature Style: Inspired by Melbourne - colourful, edgy, modern

Have you got your signature style figured out?

A while back I wrote briefly about our week in Melbourne, and the Big Design Market (and I mean super briefly). I found Melbourne to be full of inspiration and colour, and now, a few weeks later, I think it's a good time to finally share some of it, and how it has influenced my design style.

It all began with some light packing...

photo by Amy MacLeod

Just kidding. That wasn't inspiring at all.

But I DID like this homewares display at a shop that I've promptly forgotten the name of. No idea. But I loved all the pink and the patterns...

pink homewares - photo by Amy MacLeod
 Particularly the mix of textures - shiny gloss urn versus rustic old stoneware:

pink homewares - photo by Amy MacLeod

And obviously, the fact that there is an abundance of pink (a post for another day).

 The cushion above is Chintz by Kas Studio, and after eyeing it online for half the year I finally got to see it in person... lovely huh?

I noticed a lot of modern ceramics over there in bright popping colours, and couldn't help making a ceramic purchase (in pink, surprise!) from the stall below at the Big Design Market, Beneath the Sun. It has made its way into our home and will be shared at a later date...

Aside from homewares, there is a colourful street vibe in Melbourne that I haven't seen much of in other cities. I love the edginess and have always secretly loved a bit of grunge, so I'm excited to include some of this in my design aesthetic and see how it plays out. Watch this space.

Melbourne street art - photo by Amy MacLeod

I love being inspired by something new (especially things from real life and not simply on Pinterest... there's a difference, don't you think?)

What's your signature style? Or are you still in the process of figuring it all out, like me?

{photos from my Instagram: Amy_5kindsofhappy}

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  1. Ok that street art is beyond inspiring! Def agree, seeing things in person intensifies inspiration. This is why I find most of my inspiration at live performances. A concert with some serious Art Direction gets me every time. It took a while for me to find exactly what my style was. I came up with Shabby Modern Boho Chic. A little bit of everything I suppose.


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