Getting what you want from your blog: Dreams and plans, Part 1

What do you want to do in 5 years time?
Better yet: what do you want to be?

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This is a question that has been on my mind constantly lately.

Where do you start?

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 How do you launch yourself into a place where your work will be noticed?

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Perhaps more daunting: how will you know if your work is good enough?
What if no-one tells you that you are going in the wrong direction?
What if no-one tells you that you are going in the right one?

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How do you turn your dreams......

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...into a reality?

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 I have been looking at all my work and wondering what comes next, and what I actually want to pursue.
It's a constant game of choosing not to compare myself, actively avoiding websites that damage my creativity, and reminding myself that all I really want is for God's will to be done in my life.
And by game I mean, battle.

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What comes next?

I am currently unemployed, recently qualified in Architectural drafting, and commerce (majoring in commercial law and international business), passionate about interior design and residential architecture (since I was teeny), and more-or-less swimming in the endless possibilities that the future could hold.
It's at times overwhelming!

I have had jobs before, working for other people's dreams, and that was fine; but the idea of doing that forever just doesn't sit right with me. Call me a tortured artist, but I want to be the creative force behind my own original ideas. 
Are you the same?

Why I'm telling you this is, well, mostly in the interests of sharing. But also in the hope that someone out there can relate. 
Did you pursue your dream?
Did you start your own business?
Did it begin with working for someone else?
Are you plotting your dream on the side of a day-job?
HOW did you get where you are?
Did you launch your career off the back of your blog?

A zillion questions, I know, but I am more than interested to hear about it.

Sometimes I read success stories of people rocketed to fame through their blogs, living the dream and doing what they love. I never quite catch the part about HOW they got their blogs to be so popular, however.
They seem to gain bunches of new followers overnight after the first month or so. Is there a magic button?
Or at least a website full of tips??

Just some things I have been thinking about! I'm leaning towards offering interior design services through this blog - with the entire process done online via email, photos, and virtual 3D mock-ups of your space. 
But first I need to think really hard (I mean, even harder) about the best way to do that. Because it's a big call, and I want to do it right.

Share your thoughts in the comments, please?!

Anyway, how un-Christmassy of me to write a post about business. 
Hope you are all loving the build-up to Christmas as much as I am. #Christmasaddict #santaself


  1. I love this post, and I definitely agree on the blog front-- It can feel frustrating when it seems as though other blogs have skyrocketed to fame. I know it certainly hasn't been that speedy with mine. But I think it's a case of just not knowing the real trajectory-- and there always is one.
    Anyhow, I obviously encourage you wholeheartedly to begin your own venture. For me, even though I work nonstop on my blog and my company, in the end I am completely satisfied because it is a labor of love.

  2. Great post! I wonder the same things... especially how people make a career out of blogging. I am interested to read all the comments you received.

  3. I absolutely can relate! I just finished school and have been thinking a lot about where I am headed and how I am going to get there as well. I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't. I think like all great things, it takes a lot of heart, a whole lot of work and TIME. Growing my blog if def on the top of my new years resolution list.


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!