Becoming an Interior Designer: The Start of the Journey

I have a New Years resolution - or more like, an every-moment-of-the-day-whatever-the-year-is resolution.
I was going to make up an excuse about this to avoid sharing it, on account of my deep-seeded chronic fear of failure (you know the type), but actually it should probably be stamped over every surface of this little blog as a reminder of my goals.

You see, I want to be an Interior Designer.
Like, legit.

I'm terrified of offering services through this blog because of, (see above) deep-seeded chronic fear of failure.
Opening your inbox to a resounding nothing is enough to put fear and even depression into any blogger's little bloggy heart.
But this year, I think I'm almost ready.
Heck, I am at least going to try.

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens Me

THIS YEAR, I will be offering interior design services remotely (i.e., solely online, via email communication, photos, etc).

- I will be researching, learning, expanding, challenging myself:

- I will be pouring energy into discovering and implementing the branding process.
- I will be cleaning up this blog design and making it sleek and clean (although the Blogger interface has its limits).
- I will be researching into starting my own company, professional portfolio, and all.
- I will be searching for a day job that will give me experience in this field.
- I will be continuing to share the projects and room redos around our house

- But best of all, I will be SHARING with you every step along the way.

One day, I will look back on this and trace my steps through this journey.
But before that day, I hope you and many others who share this passion will be able to follow each footprint and learn something for YOURself too.

Do you have a dream that you want to follow?
Do you have a goal you are unafraid to announce?

Join me through 2013! I will need all the support I can get.



  1. LOVE this. Best of luck in 2013! I want to grow my little blog, make new blog relationships, and incorporate some sort of vlog to my blog! Heres to a year of growth and success!

  2. So proud of you for this!! It's funny-- we are VERY similar, and I've been experiencing similar feelings about some new endeavors of my own. This just really inspired me to go forth with less fear.

  3. what a beautiful apartment! Those two did a great job decorating such a small space. Looks like a very cozy little nest!

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