Meaningful Design

I had the most angsty designer-brain day in the world yesterday. Do you know the kind I mean?

I trashed the whole house on an out-of-control rearranging spree, thinking 'Today is the day to learn to style this darn coffee table!' and then all my rules about styling a coffee table looked stupid and suddenly the vicious cycle of designer self hatred had begun... 

You see, when it comes to Interior Design you can follow the rules. Groups of 3, a variety of heights and textures, blahdy-blah. 
But sometimes those rules just don't feel right.
I moved to the bedroom.

We have a new bedspread that is quite colourful and for our bedside tables I tried so hard for the life of me to make the items tie into the bedspread. I tried hot pinks, bright yellows, illuminious aquas.... 
In the end I was frustrated beyond belief (and infuriated that the things that make me angry are WHICH ITEMS TO PUT ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE. Nope, no road-rage or temper tantrums around here, except about homewares. It's a ridiculous curse and one that you have to bottle up because let's be honest, it's pathetic compared to the actual real things that make normal people angry)
but nothing worked.

In the end, I found on my desk some bird prints that my Opa had lovingly pasted onto the brick walls in his workshop when he worked in there. Recently I found them and my Grandma told me to take them so I carefully scraped them off mostly unharmed.

Bird print on bedside table

I put one in an old frame I've had since I was little and suddenly it was coming together.
I learnt something really important: Meaningful design is the best.
Cheap bright coloured finds are okay.... but not many things feel 'right' unless you have a connection with them.
(And if that connection is because you grew emotionally attached to it in the shop, that's fine.... happens to me all the time;)

I then went through all my precious things and was blown away how many memories we associate with inanimate objects. I have jewellery that I never wear but means SO much to me because of it's story.

(Actually I sat my husband down and tearfully showed him each of these items and made him listen to their stories, because suddenly it seemed really important since they sit in a drawer unappreciated most of the time. But that was an overshare that you don't need to know.)

Bird print on bedside table

I'm not saying it's a perfect arrangement and I'll be honest that I hate the black lampshade right now (I want something with a mixture of wood and teal Missoni fabric. Is that too much to ask?) and anyone with 2 eyes can see that the green pot clashes with the other teal green. But all these items are meaningful for me (except the lamp. I don't love lamp) and for that reason, I am happy.
Or at least sated.
For now.

Do you get this too?
Am I losing my mind?
How do you find a balance between wanting ALL THE THINGS that are fashionable, and just being satisfied with your home? Share in the comments!

 Hope you're having a lovely week,


  1. I loved your rant. So relatable. Oh the things we obsess over. I love finding the meaningful. It really does make an interior authentic + interesting. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. I can't totally relate to this! The bird print is pretty!

  3. I hear ya. Totally having one of those days right now!!! x

  4. Absolutely agree. I came to this when putting together my craft room. I decided NO RULES just things I love. It turned out just perfect to me. You can see it on my blog if you would like.


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