First Steps - part 2 of the Journey

Remember that time that I said I wanted to be an Interior Designer  And then I vowed solemnly that I would forever share with you every single detail of that journey?
I may need a few posts to catch up to myself...

That was, what, 3 weeks ago?

It was kind of a sudden conviction - if you couldn't tell - because I literally just graduated from my Architecture course and having spent the last 9 years trying my hand at various completely unrelated things in this life (commercial law, international business, a job as an office manager in a law firm, a job giving advice to people in a paint shop, travelling to Europe, studying International Economics in Sweden, and then finally settling on becoming an Architectural Draftsperson ...) I then wrapped up the year with a big smile on my face thinking: Interior Design, WHY NOT? Because that's totally the natural next stage... right. Or not, but whatever, the point is there are a lot of things I COULD do, but here's what I love: Houses.
No surprises there.

So whether it's designing the interiors - (please someone get me into the good books with Designer's Guild because I need to salivate all over their showroom and I also need a trade discount bigtime)- OR designing the floorplan and making it wheelchair accessible, fully sustainable and breathtakingly beautiful, I'm into it.

{Not exempt from both these aspects of housing is my weird and freakish love for organising small spaces. Like, in my dream house I have already designed all the built-in storage spaces and trust me, there is a space for everything including little holes drilled for lamp chords and shelves for various sizes handbags.}

Where was I....
.....right so after I decided I want to be an Interior Designer I happily took myself away on a camping holiday with the husband and didn't think about anything except how to make myself look really athletic on the beach.

..... and then after ages and ages of awesome camping-holiday-ness I came home and was immediately asked by someone if I could help them with their interiors.

Since then I've been excitedly fumbling around trying to put processes and systems in place that will help things run smoothly, and learning a LOT and keeping a journal with all these notes of what I'm learning, so that I can share them with you as I go.

I've also been making a point of getting dressed in the mornings and doing my hair and makeup, even when I'm working from home. Baby steps.

At the moment I'm getting my little mitts all over some website and biz card planning, etc. I need a whoooole lot of sleek clean functionality to happen.

I'll be back soon with more to share - is 2013 being awesome so far for you too? Is change on your radar?

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  1. What a fun journey! I am in the midst of starting my photography career (which is a bit challenging with my full time career in medicine!)

    Good Luck! :)

    xx L


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!