Interior Design: the myth of being finished


Like many of you I've had a wee break from blogging while we went on our Summer holiday and it was amazing.
I really came back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind... including about the following topic which I've realised is kind of pivotal for me, and possibly it is for you, too!?

As bloggers, we are constantly imitating whatever the blog norm is. 
For example, many blogs post 'teaser' pictures of the rooms they are working on, then a big final 'reveal' where everything is in place, and perfect.

At the moment I have about 3 rooms in progress (as always) and am left feeling stressed at the thought of making this fit neatly into this expected blog system. 

I've FINALLY figured out why this system doesn't work for me. It's this simple: 
I am never finished.
Are you the same?
When it comes to my own house, every single room is constantly evolving. Whether it be subtle changes or my disease of changing pictures around on the daily. (I think our neighbours think I'm nuts as they are always listening to my trusty hammer pounding into any fresh piece of wall I can find).

Our bedroom, right now, (below) is a jumble of colours and things I have plopped down to see if they go.

Tomorrow some of them will move to other parts of the house. They might look better, or they might not.
I'm ok with that.

These Christmas fairy lights are pretty and I don't want to take them down.
Also the paper lanterns, which were intended for our office, have been plonked here on the easel. Until when? No idea. I like looking at them and I'm only showing you this picture because maybe you will too. It's not permanent and it's not 'finished'. And I'm okay with that...

I have no idea where to put these cute heart ramekins that my mum gave me for Christmas, but I love seeing them, so they are sitting here for now on the coffee table. Fulfilling absolutely no purpose.
(I can't believe I'm okay with that).

The plant that used to sit next to these books is DEAD (black thumb) so I put some jars on them and a 'Love' Christmas tree decoration that arrived after Christmas. I liked the old arrangement better, but until I learn to stop killing plants... say it with me... I'm ok with that.

My brother got me this flower cushion from Wallace Cotton for Christmas and I lurrrve it. I didn't know that I was going to like it better on the pouff than on the sofa, where it's supposed to be. You could consider this a waste of money since it was specifically meant to replace the grey cushion, but I LIKE it there on the floor. And I'm emotionally attached to it, so... I have to be okay with that.

Maybe one day soon I'll have an actual 'reveal' (so dramatic) of all these rooms, and the office, but I'm not going to pressure myself to rush anything.
I usually end up liking everything waay better when it happens over time rather than all in one go.

I hope someone out there found this helpful - I know it has helped me with my perspective and the ridiculous expectations I place on myself.
Take your time and try to be okay with never/rarely being 'finished'!


  1. I'm the same way, my spaces are always evolving and never "finished." I'm constantly moving things around and making adjustments. It's more fun that way!

  2. Absolulety. I have a ton of reveals. But maybe they should just be called "Reveal for nows".

  3. Couldn't agree more. So much of a fuss is made about this whole "reveal" business anyhow. Makes me feel like it has to be totally perfect to be presentable. My style is much more.. listen up, lemme show you some stuff.. how it is right now. ;)


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!