Baby shower moodboard - mint+ white + neutrals

I've had baby rooms and baby shower design's on the brain lately and it's starting to actually feel real that we will have a little poppet here in about... 11 weeks. I think I'm alternately terrified and excited.

Here's a wee moodboard for a simple, cute, gender-neutral baby-shower / parental party brunch event.
I went with mint + neutral + a tiny bit of blush in the colour scheme for this, and I envisage it having a slight woodland theme, an outdoor setting, some crisp Autumn sunshine and just a small handful of nearest-and-dearest guests.

Baby shower moodboard - mint + white + neutral

The invitations above are by Kelli Murray and they are soo cute!
The mini 'thanks' jars would be easy to create and fill with homemade marshmallows (heart shaped perhaps) for guests to take home as favours - kind of perfect for melting in hot drinks in the upcoming winter months that are about to hit the southern hemisphere.

Also, I love the idea of a sit-down brunch outdoors - if we are super lucky, we might get a chance to lay out some trestle tables in our back yard on the grassy spot below. I can see them laden with donuts and croissants on white table cloths, and paper lanterns in the trees...

Fingers crossed, but I'm not getting my hopes up for too much fine weather in April.

Baby shower in the garden
{our backyard, looking back towards the house}

So... I might be a bit of a planner/control freak with these kind of things, but I'm going to my darndest this time to actually delegate as much as possible! I figure when you are pregnant or have small babies you can get away with asking for as much help as you need. It'll be good practice for me.

About baby showers - are you a believer of the women-only-playing-baby-games, or a mixed event where you get to mingle with the people you care about, including the men in your life??

Also, something I've noticed American's are into... Gender Reveal Parties! From what I can tell, they are separate from the baby shower and the whole thing is for announcing to friends and family what gender your baby will be. Kind of absolutely unheard of in New Zealand, but I do love the idea of sneaking either pink or blue fillings into sweet treats to surprise guests... (or do I just love sweet treats with fillings?)

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