A bedroom update - hanging pictures and a chandelier

I'm really enjoying getting back into this whole blogging-regularly thing! There was a long while there when I was totally AWOL thanks to preggo issues and feeling completely uninspired too. The good news is I'm starting to get my mojo back, and with it a bit of energy to actually start doing stuff to the house we've been living in for several months now.

What I'm saying is, I hung some pictures, yo!
A small step for mankind, but one giant feat for moi.

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

Actually tho, let me refresh your memory. Our bedroom was looking like this, as shown in my last post:
 ... and then I got all buzzy and inspired to make this virtual bedroom design (below) happen. You can read about the rationale behind it here, but basically I felt the wooden dressers would add warmth and be so much more practical storage-wise than our current miniscule side tables, and the rest of the design sprang from that:

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

Anyway,  after posting that design last week I decided that although I can't make the dressers, headboard or curtains happen yet ($$), I can at least do an interim update to make it feel more homely:

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

I hung our cream chandelier to kick things off, because that wierd 70's lightshade was driving me nuts. The husband and I would lie in bed discussing what the pictures on it were of.... I saw a freaky 70's hippie lady, and he saw an elephant man-demon. So... that was positive.

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

I then thought I may as well go for it and start hanging some pictures. As you can see, there is plenty of space in our room for wider side-tables/dressers. This picture arrangement will make more sense over a wider, taller dresser with a lamp on it. But until then, I'm just happy to see something in our house that has actually been decorated.

On the other side I hung this quaterfoil mirror from our previous bathroom, and at some point I plan to either hang more pictures, or put nails into the wall to hang coloured necklaces from (as per the virtual design board at the top of the page).

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

Don't mind my dying rose....  husband bought me a whole rose bush for valentines and this is the last of the survivors.

The chandelier is kind of pretty. It's finish is pearlescent rather than crystal so it's a bit different, but still very shimmery.
Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

And lastly, just so you can see it all in one go....

Bedroom update - Amy MacLeod

The camera is a bit deceiving with this room as it's hard to show how wide it is. A headboard would make it look a lot more finished, huh?

There's my little update-for-now of the bedroom.

The next room to show you is the baby's room progress so far... fun!

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