Mar 26, 2014

Dining room update - a bit of shabby chic

These days I get pretty excited every time I can make a change - however small - to our house. Doing something that makes it more functional and more pretty gets me so energised!

Here's a little update to our dining room - you can see the room as it looked shortly after we moved in here. Having a dining room is awesome - we just needed somewhere to store things that didn't belong anywhere else and couldn't fit in the kitchen. I managed to score this shabby chic, duck-egg coloured restored dresser second-hand, and it now fills a gap in the corner and is so useful too.

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

I didn't really have any colour direction for this room yet, but I've been drawn to this duck-egg colour for a little while now (check out our baby shower plans for example) and the rest of the room is so neutral that it's perfect.

At some point we plan to re-upholster all the cream dining room chairs (they are worn out and old - we bought them with the express intention of upholstering them but haven't got around to it yet).

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

Let's all politely divert our eyes away from the brown 70's fake tile vinyl floor, shall we?

Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

 Dining room corner update - duck-egg shabby chic dresser

This photo from our wedding happened to go perfectly and echos the beechy colour of our table top. I also thought it was important to have something with clean/modern lines hanging on the wall over this dresser, rather than an ornate or fiddly gilt mirror say. 70's houses tend to have a lot of clean lines and unfussy details, and I didn't want to detract from that with an overly frilly little corner that didn't really fit. So this picture works.

That's it - a little corner of our home that makes me happy (and gives me somewhere to store tablecloths and things!).
How do you feel about the shabby chic style versus a modern look? Love it or hate it?

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  1. I LOVE this! Those flowers are so pretty, too!


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