What I would do to our bedroom.... aka an amazing Bedroom Design!

You know those eureka moments when you finally figure out what's missing from a certain room and suddenly get all inspired?

Meet our master bedroom in it's just-moved-in unpresentable 70's state....
Please take note of the weird lampshade and stumpy curtains:

Bedroom design - before
[it needs work BIGTIME.....]

I have spent enough time sick in this room to know that the wall-colour is totally workable (it's a silver blue that's quite pretty) but the blue curtains detract from it.
I'm really, really keen for this room to be a calm little haven especially once our baby arrives and everything gets chaotic - if the horror stories are true.

I have no idea of how soon I can start getting the room together but I can say that we have bought a bed, yay! Now if only we had a headboard and some furniture other than bedside tables....

Here's my current dream for the room:

Bedroom design - ice blue walls - by Amy MacLeod

 The idea would be to keep the current wall colour and bring in the mirror and chandelier that we already have lying around, along with new curtains + blinds, chests of drawers, and a bit of colour.

I originally thought that only pure white curtains would work with this colour, but I'm starting to think a warm cream would heat it up along with wooden (but not orange pine like our last place!! gah) furniture. The Lulu & Georgia Pari rug has been making my heart throb for about a year now but there is absolutely no way I can get it to New Zealand - all I can say is, import tax! Thanks New Zealand government for trying to discourage us from shopping online for things that are not available in NZ. I just love getting hit with a $200 fee to get my purchase through customs, on top of a massive shipping fee! Don't you?

Here's a quick sum-up of the main design elements used:

Bedroom design - ice blue walls - by Amy MacLeod
 Lamp: Freedom Furniture // Artwork by Laura Dro designs // ottoman bench - similar from Ezibuy New Zealand // rug from Lulu & Georgia // Salisbury chest from Target furniture

Anyway, it's bedtime for this sleep-deprived preggo....
Speaking of which, I've painted the baby's room this week and should have some update pics for you in the near future!

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  1. I love the design and thank you so much for including my peony art print!! I love it with the wall color:)

    Laura Dro


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!