Pregnancy update - 30 weeks

Aside from looking oddly ghostly, and oddly ginga (don't mind the photo), 30 weeks pregnant has been pretty good for me.

Pregnancy update - 30 weeks

I've been able to work on the baby's room and a few other things over the past week. Yay!

I am still throwing up but it is totally controllable with medication now, unlike the first 20+ weeks.

Physically, I am being pummeled in the bladder by this kid's fists, which is only slightly less comfortable than when I had a little foot wedged into my liver for the last month. :) Pretty sure it did some permanent damage...

I can pee 4 times in an hour.
I bet you can't!

I feel faint just from standing up for more than a few minutes sometimes. Or breathless from walking to the next room. And at night the cramps in my legs are killer and don't go away and I am constantly overheated.... so basically, I feel a zillion times better than in the first 2 trimesters of spew, when I would ask my husband "what does it feel like to not be nauseous?" because I actually couldn't remember. *shudder*

Being that ill taught me a lot - about what I can handle, about surviving one hour at a time, about who my true friends are (so cliched, but true. You wouldn't even believe...), and how big the God I serve is.

Mostly, tho, I have learned to appreciate. Each day that I'm not bed-ridden is an amazing day. And a day where I can cook and clean and maybe do some interior design too? Out of this world. Attending some social events and even hosting them? I can't believe it. And being able to laugh with my husband and enjoy our last months 'alone' together in some state other than as a near-dead zombie woman? Freaking incredible!

(P.S if you're waiting for the baby's room update, it's coming next)

(P.P.S I nearly forgot to say - one morning I woke up with an outtie. Literally it was not there the night before, and then it was there…. an outtie. So long smiley-face belly button. Your expressions  may never be the same again :s )


  1. Awwww you look amazing! Hang in there mommy, it will all be worth it :)

  2. You are SO cute!!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better now. You look stunning!


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