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Remember that thing that I used to do before I got knocked up?
Interior design and redecorating our house!

Unfortunately progress on our current new house is slow... the thing about owning a real house is you are more likely to spend money on, say, a lawn mower, new plumbing, and a bunch of functional appliances rather than fun stuff like furniture and rugs and artworks. Darn.

Luckily I can get a bit of a fix elsewhere - here's a wee peek at some designy stuff I've been up to lately:

1. An interior solution for a recent client.
Hopefully you'll see this as a finished project at some stage, as photos, but here's part of the design solution for a client's new apartment I've been working on:

I'm trying to figure out how to refine my services and possibly focus more on remote design (i.e. boards & product selections like below with solutions to your design dilemmas, for a set price and delivered in a really timely and affordable way to people living anywhere).

2.  Fantasizing about updates to our current 70's house.
Our current dining room has dark brown vinyl floors and brown curtains. A while back I started designing the house below with some of my favourite interiors, and now when I look at this picture I realise I'm still pretty happy with these elements. I don't know about that table runner thing but in general the warm vibe I get from this still keeps me happy.
So perhaps in our current house, navy curtains/blinds and a landscape painting are on the cards. We also have 8 cushy chairs that need upholstering - I suppose some sort of blue/cream patterned fabric would work. Watch this space.

Something I am a little too excited about is that we have ordered 2 couches for our living room. Yay! At last somewhere to stretch out on. I'm also dreaming about replacing the carpet at some point (it's a greeny blue...) and bringing in some more rustic elements, similar to this old design:

...but modified for our current space:

 The bright white + pink and yellow pops in our last place were cool, but sometimes I crave a really cosy 'real house' grown-up vibe that makes me feel safe and warm, na' mean?

3. Baby stuff.
We only just bought some of our very first baby gear the other day. I feel I've been very sensible with not going nuts buying cute baby clothes.... so far we have a few practical items (cot etc) but I have been secretly stockpiling nursery ideas and bits and pieces for a super cute baby's room. Can't wait until things are really underway with the painting, new curtains, etc, and I can get my hands into a new project and show you guys some of the results!

4. Being preg.
So many changes happen when you are pregnant that I lose track of them. Basically, I have started hobbling like an old lady and I can't put my shoes on very easily. And we have entered the third trimester which is bizarre. The first 4 months of pregnancy are just a blur to me - a blur of vomit and wanting to die (not really. But close) - so I feel like I've only just started enjoying the pregnancy and now it's nearly over!

I have been mulling over baby shower ideas so hopefully will have some more pretty pics to show you soon...

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