Preggo update - 24 weeks

24 weeks preg

So, apart from talking about how sick I was / have been, I haven't spoken a lot about my pregnancy here.
I can tell you straight away that once the extreme, deathly nausea eased off (around week 18- 20, i.e. halfway through) this whole thing became a lot more joyous for me.

(It's really, really hard to believe that there is a baby in your belly when you have nothing to show for it except feeling deathly ill with food-poisoning symptoms for 3 months straight.)

I'm now over halfway through and have less than 4 months to go before popping out a poppet.

Here's the awesomeness:

  • I never knew that having my internal organs kicked and headbutted by a tiny human would feel so awesome. Maybe this one is hard to understand unless you've felt it, but I actually will sit giggling because I find this baby's movements so entertaining. I never dreamed that I would feel it in so much detail. Sometimes they spaz out and do a little dance and you can't stop imagining what they are up to. I guess it's like a little secret between you and the baby that no-one else is in on. (Except the baby-daddy, who if he's like mine, is enthralled with the whole thing).. 
  • The inside of my belly button is so much more complicated than I ever imagined. Even before my stomach had started expanding, I noticed one day that I could see into my belly button which is usually completely closed. It was weird.
  • My abs don't work. This one freaked me out a little bit when I was trying to roll over in bed the other day and suddenly realised it was a whole lot harder than it should be. Literally your abs start separating when you're pregnant so they can't work together like they used to. I feel like an old fogey!
  • MILK. Oh man. Milk is the yummest drink I have ever tasted in my life. I could drink milk all day. Who am I kidding.... I do drink milk all day, sometimes straight from the carton. The husband has been known to wake up in the middle of the night and ask "Do you want milk? I want milk" and then he will bring the goods back to bed for a midnight milk-feast. I haven't drunk milk by the glass since I was a kid! Apparently the baby's bones are calcifying and that would explain my craving.
  • Other cravings: Not much. I don't get particularly hungry but I do feel sick unless I eat every hour, at least. So I try to keep the toast and fruit coming.
  • My other organs: I swear they have been rammed up under my ribcage. I can feel the bulge and it means heartburn after every meal.
  • Belly flabs: You know that crease (or creases) across your stomach you get every time you sit down for more than a couple minutes? The one caused by your natural belly roll? My crease just moved up about 10 inches. I know, incredible.
  • Boobies. *teehee* They get massive in about the first 2 months of pregnancy, even before your belly is showing. (Ok, my version of 'massive' is probably not everyone's version of massive). I would have been stoked about it at the time had I not been bedridden and spewing :). But... boobies! Always a bonus for petite women.
  • Mood swings: I seem to have bypassed the crazy hormone emotions some women get afflicted with. Mind you, I think I have had my fair share of suffering in other ways and I can't guarantee the hormones aren't going to turn me into psycho mum-zilla in the next few months.
I hope that was as fascinating for you as it was for me!
In other news, our house is not fully unpacked yet, let alone redecorated in any way, and we certainly haven't start setting up the baby's room. I'm telling myself 3.5 months is aaaages.


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  1. Yay! I love following along and am SO excited for you! About the boobies... just wait until your milk comes in, and even a month or so after that, it gets out of control, haha. Yay for babies! Do you know the gender yet?? Are you telling? ;)


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!