Colour story: Mint, chartreuse, fuchsia, blush

Hey world,

After that morbid preggo update in the last post, let's move on to something more amazing that is making me really, really happy right now that starts with I and rhymes with Ninterior Design. 
Did you get it? It's a riddle.

Har har.

You know I'm feeling better when I start plotting interior projects all over our house and devising schemes to fritter away our (read: the husband's) hard-earned cash on decor items. I have plans, my friends, and my patience is being tested. I mean, it's been like 3 days since I decided we are getting new couches and we still don't have them... can anyone spell crises!


Here's a colour story concept I've been working on lately for somebody (I'm taking out my decor energy vicariously on someone else who is ready for a fresh start. Woop!) and it's making me so happy. Even just creating a concept makes me happy. I told a friend 2 days ago that I would do Interior Design for free if I could, because I love it so much. 
Obviously, that would be a terrible business decision... 

....But I would.

 Now, it looks all kinds of crazy when you view the image below as a whole.
That's just design boards for ya.
They don't represent all the empty wall space, neutral carpet, and everything else surrounding these colour-poppy items. Think of it as a highlights reel for all the accents in the room.

The sofa in real life is a lot more aqua coloured then it reads on a computer screen - it appears quite grey above but in real life it's closer to the one below:

See, these kind of colours have potential to look sophisticated too.
(I guess it takes a special kind of person to desire an entire wall full of large-scale painted moths, but it's what makes it so very memorable.)

Some other retro-blossom-pop thoughts I've been having/designing lately:

We could make this work, right?
I'm hoping to see something similar come to fruition in real life soon.

Yay, design!

Yay, dramatically less preggo sickness!
And only FOUR MONTHS of pregnancy left. Eeep.

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