Ella's Room

I have to be honest - I took these pictures this morning on a whim and if you see crumbs in the carpet and dried bread crusts under the chest of drawers just pretend you didn't, ok?

Blogger does this weird thing where it darkens my photos and - honest again - I CANNOT be bothered sorting out the html. I used to do that stuff, and edit photos, but all you mamas know ain't nobodymum got time for that.

Let's begin with a blast from the past.
I was pregnant when we moved in and this was an office. Seeing this pic still makes me nauseous.
... then I painted it and it was temporarily a playroom.... and stayed that way until I was pregnant with Josh and we decided to move Ella in here.

Here it is today:

 A couple of years ago we fixed up this play kitchen for Ella:

(It used to look like this:)

I just painted it, sewed the curtain, and put in the new knobs. I'd really like to replace the cruddy old tap with a little cute brass one but haven't found any yet.

Wardrobe setup is pretty basic and I didn't bother tidying it for pics... but I did paint these wardrobe doors a while back.

Which is an improvement on the original doors below! (And those curtains!! Gak).

I still dream of painting all those wooden doors in our house, and one day we'd like to install new carpet but that's definitely a one-day dream.

Our house is a DUMP right now so I'm going to post another before and after to make myself feel better about life.


And currently:

Don't mind my model who was attempting some kind of acrobatics, and who I didn't bother trying to get clothes on because I pick my battle these days.

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