4 months of Josh

In the interests of real-life and ain't-nobody-got-time-for-that, I've copied my excerpt from instagram about J turning 4 months in the next paragraph. I need to take some more photos of this kid other than just the classic baby-sleeping-on-me phone shots. I've included a comparison with Ella at the same age down the bottom - gosh she was cute - and you can see how different they are.... at least, I can't really see similarities with my own kids but what do you think? Are they completely diff or quite similar?

I'm shocked that 4 months have gone past and I've... what... cooked dinners, rocked babies and broken up toddler tantrums seemingly this whole time. He still doesn't take day naps (except in a moving vehicle or with a mouthful of boob - but it has to stay in his mouth) and has started waking up 4-5 times per night this past month... 😴. I kept waiting for him to go almost completely bald and blonde like Ella did but it seems he is a little auburn boy to stay. He is teething fiercely and has been for at least the past month. I also keep hoping he will find his thumb and learn to self-settle like his sister did at this age, but it seems nothing will do except the real thing. 🍈🍈 
My heart has been in shreds since he was born. 💔 Could not be more besotted with this little dude. Also, he thinks having his nappy and clothes changed is h i l a r i o u s  (totally opposite to his sister who would scream the house down every time!).

We're surviving! Somehow! I'm always surprised how we are actually surviving. I have to say one child to two children has felt like a HUGE jump. I know it's different for everyone but this has really tested my fortitude. I don't even know what fortitude it, but it's been tested I tell ya. Just the logistics of getting everything done without leaving my baby in the hands of a 3 yr old; the evening craziness where everything gets beyond challenging; the fact my baby rarely feeds except lying down in the dark but I can't leave my 3 yr old alone in the other room.... and so on. But here we are, alive and well.

Josh at 4 months - (not great lighting and my phone stretches photos a bit, sorry)

[Ella at 4 months]
Ella was scrumptious! I didn't realise I've got a similar little plaid shirt for Josh that he'll fit soon. I often find myself thinking these days that there is no way I could ever have another baby and do all this exhaustion and sleeplessness over again. But then I see these pics of my two babies and wonder what a third baby would look like? What mix of genes would they get? Would we get a little curlytop buddha-baby like I was? Or blonde lanky little guy like Calum was? lol...

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