3 months, 3 years

It's 4:53pm, the breakfast dishes are still on the table caked with cement dry porridge. Witching hour started a few hours too early and there's a squawking baby on my hip who won't feed even tho he is clearly hungry but is acting like feeding angers/hurts him... a scene I am way too familiar with. I've spent the last few days in a blur of a sick toddler who roams around the house crying and coughing at 12, 1 and 3am, various medical appointments, cooking enough food to keep my family alive, turning the washing machine on only to completely forget to get the clothes out that day, wondering when my baby is magically going to start taking long day-naps, and consistently running out of time to unpack suitcases from our trip away last week. 

BUT. There is so much joy in knowing these little people and getting to watch them grow.

I sometimes wish I was better at blogging and trying to record what these days are like. We're past the '4th trimester' and life chugs along. I'm slowly finding a groove in what I'm ok with in the baby-parenting scene. We don't have set nap times or decent day sleeps and feeding has been a journey, but, I'm stoked to still be breastfeeding thus far and have learned a lot along the way (Calum wants me to become a lactation consultant after all my experience in the field of difficult-baby-feeding). This little guy is so mellow in personality (except sometimes when it comes to food).
And our little lady is turning into a funny and confident preschooler. 

Pasta spirals are boiling on the stove (what will I cook with them? No freaking idea), Ella is watching Peppa Pig, and my baby is doing his rather cute little cry in the bouncer because I'm sitting here writing this. Nearly done! Did I mention I have a nasty bug/cold/fluey thing too? We do what we have to do to survive.

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