Ella-isms, v1

Three is a fun age. I promised to post a blog post every Friday and in lieu of having anything else prepared, here are some Ella-isms from my equal parts polite and crass, just-turned-3 yr old.


In the car on the way home from church
Ella: I had so much fun at sunday school!!!
Me: Did you? That's great Ella. What did you like about it?
Ella: I just weally like da boys actually.

Just casually to herself one day: "Goodness me look at dis baby! he's so cute and tiny."

Me: Daddy has smelly farts. 
Ella: Me too. I have da smelliest farts in da world

When prancing around in her chosen outfit (below): "I wear dis sometimes, to keep me cute."

After I thank her for something: "you're most welcome!"

Me: What would you like for breakfast Ella?
Ella, in loud stage whisper: Sugar!

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  1. Lol!! So cute. Sounds like your daughter has amazing personality!


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!