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peppermint creme, pink and white

peppermint creme, pink and white

 peppermint creme, pink and white

A long time ago, I used to make chocolates and truffles a LOT. I started selling them under the name "Five Kinds of Happy" because that's how I wanted to make the eaters-of-them feel ;)

A few years later, and I'm over making chocolates, except for special occasions or as gifts. My favourite thing is to make different flavours - I'm not reeaally a chocolate girl, but peppermint creme? YES. The ones above have since been dipped in chocolate to make peppermint patties, although I could easily eat the lot of them as they are.

Oh and as for the name - 2 years ago the husband helped me find another use for it! :)

Happy nearly-weekend everyone. We're off to the snow, what are you up to?

(P.S if you're interested in a recipe, it's easy: combine icing sugar with a little cream to form a paste, then add peppermint essence to taste. 2 teaspoons of melted butter doesn't hurt! Colour half of it pink, flatten the dough, stack the 2 coloured layers and then roll them up, and slice. You can substitute the cream with egg white or sweetened condensed milk, too.)


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