Aug 14, 2013

{Portfolio piece} Colourful Coffee Shop design

Hi guys...

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod
Here's a snippet of a recent portfolio piece I created. For me, designing a cafe/restaurant interior was a welcome challenge - I get to problem-solve my way through a commercial space, beginning with an empty studio. It's also a chance to really go nuts with creative and colourful solutions that might seem o.t.t in a residential home.

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod

I started with the brief - sticking to a specific style and building a floor-plan that maximises flow and encourages people in. Here's a few of my "working" drawings as I figure things out:

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod

FYI, the cafe is called 'Fly Away'.

Here's the final design from the street:
I went with a dark panelling and simple black window mullions.

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod
The front doors are a bright gold-yellow with thin iron mullions that are a bit more ornate, and black French-style hardware. The Moroccan pastel tiles in the entranceway set the scene for what is to come.

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod
Ignore the light-orangey tone of the floor below - it is supposed to be a dark chocolate wood that won't show marks, but it's appearing a bit garrish here with the sunlight turned on.
Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod
I've gone with a Spoonflower wallpaper on the main walls - it's intense and awesome. There is a lounge area at the back of the cafe/restaurant with eclectic upholstered seating, a booth, and a wall covered in antique mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

To the right you can see the bar/counter with coloured steel stools that can take a beating without getting scuffed up. The kick-board of the counter is hammered gold.... or a gold-like metal ;)

Towards the toilets you can see the wallpaper changes to a fuchsia gingham. It's so crisp and fresh. You can't really see it in the picture but behind the counter are glass+brass shelves and slatted screens that separate the counter from the cafe. The screens are painted different colours...
(You can sort of see a purple one to the left, in the picture below)

Colourful cafe/restaurant interior design // by Amy MacLeod
 This view looks out from behind the counter. The entrance doors are gold-yellow on one side, and a clean icy-teal on the inside. The icy teal sets off the dusky mauve walls around the front windows.

Oh, and the lights are filter-paper globes.

I was going to go deeper into custom chairs with custom upholstery, but in reality I think the client would be clutching their purse strings right about now (is that how you use that phrase?), so simple chairs and tables it is.

I'm kinda crazy about big colours right now. Ah the beauty of COLOUR.
Who's with me!?

images and design are property of Amy MacLeod
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  1. Amy this is seriously impressive work. I just started learning about 3D rendering on the computer. I posted about it today, I thought I did a good job for a first timer but you've literally blown my work away! Keep it up girl.


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