Just quickly: Birthday thanks, and the colour yellow


Thanks for your kind birthday wishes last week - it was awesome. Have I not been back on here since then? Hmm.

Birthday Cake - Amy MacLeod

Not that it's very interesting (or relevant for a design blog? Hmm again..) but it was a simple and sweet deal. The huzz surprised me with cake when I came home from work on my rainy (as always) birthday. Coloured pebbles in chocolate butter cream is about the peak of birthday amazingness round here :) 

Birthday Cake - Amy MacLeod

There were also a few wee goodies to set me up for winter like the new leathers and the scarf - P.S have I shown you our new duvet cover yet? Dwell Studio Vintage Peacock in Citrine - I looove it but I'm definitely not showing you the whole thing until I have figured out a solution to our bedroom (because currently the sage-grey walls and orange-pine bed aren't working with my mustard obsession).

Mustard yellow - by Amy MacLeod

I seem to have mustard everywhere. I'm a little bit scared that my future grandchildren will remember me for it, the way I used to HATE mustard as a child because it was all left-over-from-the-70s and way out of date. Now I love it and I want to wear it all the time.

Anyway, the rest of the celebs were pretty low-key - I was craving something where I didn't have to dress up (never thought I'd say that) and could wear my jeans and sip a beer, so that's what we did. 'Twas perfect.

In other news, a talented friend is helping me with design stuff for the new Interior Design bizz, so that is churning away whilst I spend my days plotting and barinstorming and being horribly, freakishly domestic. Like, I froze all my husband's lunches for the next 2 weeks. Don't know where the ability even came from - I don't even really believe in it. Should I be worried?

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