JUMP - starting an Interior Design business and positive thinking

A wise friend once told me (last Monday to be exact;) that sometimes you just have to jump.

We are big in our household (consisting of me and the man) on Positivity. Things like voicing your appreciation, encouraging one another, and sticking to your passions with dogged determination because you know that you can make big things happen.

I struggle with it, to be honest, because that's not my natural state of mind.

I struggle with confidence and with the notion that I can stick to something. Who me? Competing against other businesses, designers, and all-round-perfect-people?
Me, on a platform with creative GENIUSES who are experienced and just know everything?
Me against modelesque, connected, social goddesses who everyone loves?

I don't know about you but I struggle with that. Sometimes I almost feel like I don't have the right.
I'm not in those circles. I don't have the degree.

I've loved houses since that first Sylvanian family (the brown bears) got their kitchen redesigned and had their house foundation floorplans mapped out with books when I was 6. I collected Australian Home Beautiful magazine through my tweenage years when my friends had Girlfriend and Dolly. I get adrenalin from displays of colours and textures. Ginger jars, floorplans, and cushions get me pumped, yo.

Guess I can't do anything else?

Last week I officially registered and incorporated a design company. Something a beautiful friend and I have been conspiring over for a wee while. It's still in the works, but I needed that kick up the bum to JUMP and just make it official.

JUMP! Starting an Interior Design Business & Positive Thinking

We are incorporated, baby.
(details coming later)

So to sum up...

I would encourage you to push your insecurities aside and lay claim of that thing you are crazy about. Forget about where society has said you must fit.

Sometimes you just have to jump.



  1. Leap of faith love. You will do amazing things. I am so proud of you and happy for you. Congratulations.

  2. You betcha Amy! It is a huge leap of faith but it sounds like you have all the right credentials behind you... optimisim, courage, resourcefulness, talent and a positive attitude. You can move mountains kid (my fav Dr Suess quote). Go for it and good luck - looking forward to seeing what comes forth.
    Alex Fulton

  3. Congratulations on taking the leap! I feel like you have taken the words from off my lips as I share the same insecurities. best of luck :)

  4. Hey! We've connected through instagram before, but this is my first visit to your blog. I love it! Congratulations on making the tough choice to just go for it. I'm in the same position right now, just officially launching my business!

    Can't wait to follow along on your journey.

  5. So exciting! Congrats Amy!!! I've been wrestling with the idea of really growing my own graphic/web design business or finding a job elsewhere (something in design I guess). Hope your new business turns into everything you hope for :) xo


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