Colour palette I want: Earthy Violet

I never thought I'd say it, but I seem to have become a fan of the colour purple, entirely against my wishes.

I didn't used to be a big fan of it, especially when mixed with red.... but then this cushion and these rugs come along and remind me of how awesome the combo can be (and why half my wardrobe is purple)!

We sold our big leather beast of an armchair and there is totally an empty spot. Ya'll know what that means, right. #permissiontoshop

Interior Design colour palette: earthy violet by Amy MacLeod
{rugs and lamp from Lulu & Georgia, everything else from Freedom Furniture}
This board is a mix of Freedom Furniture (NZ shop) and Lulu & Georgia (online shop) and currently I wouldn't mind just a little bit of both.

I feel like purple needs to be a very specific hue to work with these warm earthy tones - but the result is delicious. The turqoise pop to give it a lift is a must. I'd love to implement this design somewhere!

How do you feel about purple?


  1. i'm not usually a purple fan either but this is great! love the look.

  2. Poor purple gets a bad rap sometimes, but I've always been a bit of a fan. Glad you're hopping on board.

  3. I love the look and feel of your inspiration board. Those rugs are amazing and the touch of turquoise on the lamp works so well - I'd never of thought to put these colours together x


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!