Bathroom and Bedroom update - the Nest Project

A while ago I was determined to sew a ruffle shower curtain.
But reality caught up with me... (since when does an architecture student have time for that?!)
So, I cheated.

Here's a BEFORE of our bathroom:

 The original curtain wasn't bad (I quite like the pattern and colour) but this old 1940's original bathroom needed something more.

Like this: Ta-da!

This is how it looks straight out of the packet all the way from the United States...or the UK... or wherever Urban Outfitters send their stuff from.

To be perfectly honest it looks pretty sad and wrinkly at the moment, but we're so happy with the difference it's going to make!
I also have a few more ideas up my sleeve to complete this room. At some point we would love to install a new vanity unit and bath (since the original ones are pretty grotty and there is no storage) but for now I'm learning to work with what we've got. some kind of contrasting colour hand-towel to break up the cream-on-cream-on-white thing that's going on. Just have to choose a colour!

So there you have it, our bathroom progress. Of course I'll be back with the "After" pictures when it's all done. :)

The other project we've been working on is our bedroom... you may remember what it looks like here and my plans for it here. We finally bought the Yellow Robert Allen vintage blosson fabric online... and shipped it over from the States, again. {I get so frustrated having to do that but that's a rant for another day}.

I want to make large pillows out of it and have been playing with colour-ways... I quite like the yellow + navy below, but we'll see.

It's has to go with the existing wall colour which is a greenish-grey... a bit blah but actually kinda nice and peaceful in person. As well as with our light blue bedding (just visible below) and the wood in our room:
I can't wait to have it all done and pretty with good photos for you :)

And incase you were wondering about the rest of the house, here's our living room on a normal day.

...the lived-in look.
It's quite nice getting some sun in here on these freezing days we've been having.

That's the Nest Project update for now!

Do you have any projects you're working on?

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  1. Oh, I'm dying of envy over your shower curtain! I've been wanting one for ages!

  2. I like your bathroom - it's so cute! I haven't seen wood floors in a bathroom very often. And the shower curtain is great - I think it looks so good already!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do and the pop of color you go with. Bathrooms are one of my favorite parts of a home to decorate! :)



Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!