What would you do...

white bedroom, interior design

I have a million and one ideas for our bedroom, mostly involving lots of colour.

Currently it's extremely simple and neutral... and I think I kinda like it, for a change!

As you can see - we haven't even got bedside lamps yet, and our colourscheme is white-on-white (with some existing sage-grey walls on either side that I can't see us bothering to paint). I love the idea of adding some colour and yellow lamps like below...

or there are the soft layers and a worn-in look that also appeals to me, but could take a while to create..

I'm also really drawn to bright colours, pinks, yellows, orange... or soft girly colours like pink and grey... in fact I have a colour addiction. I wonder if just for once I should stick to neutrals and make that room a soft haven - I am a sucker for a cuddly sheepskin....! Either way, it needs some love and attention.

The scenario is that we have:
                  1. Very little time - I'm studying around 13 hrs a day and weekends and Cal is doing virtually everything else
                  2. A pretty tight budget - this is our first home and I'm a student!

                                                                 What would you do??

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  1. I would add some colour with a throw, cushions and 2 lamps. Then you're done!...well for now.

  2. Hi Amy - there are so many amazing and inspiring interiors out there that I too always have trouble in deciding what kind of look to go for. I do love the scheme with the yellow lamps though and although it has great splashes of colour it still has a clean and uncluttered feel it it too

  3. I love the last inspiration pic. Love pink and yellowish together!

  4. Oh the rug options are endless! And a fun throw or pillows for color pops:)
    Looove white!

  5. I love the white! Maybe a pop of turquoise, yellow or coral for the lamps and pillows. You could find some old lamps from consignment shops and spray paint them! It will look great whatever you choose to do!

  6. I've got the same problem with our bedroom right now. We've managed to paint the walls blue, but everything else is plain white and I find it a bit boring.

    I haven't done much yet because I'm having a hard time committing to a color palatte (mostly because there are so many colors I love). I'm also having to restrain myself from being be too girly, because it's my husband's room too. I think the key is to just buy pieces you really love and eventually it will all come together.


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!