Sunday Sweets: Boysenberry cream cupcakes with secret choc filling

boysenberry chocolate cupcakes, cupcake recipe, best ever cupcakes
 boysenberry chocolate cupcakes, cupcake recipe, best ever cupcakes
 boysenberry chocolate cupcakes, cupcake recipe, best ever cupcakes

These cupcakes are YUM.
They are moist and tasty even without icing. (The test of a good cupcake.)

It's my own recipe invented this morning - as always! Just in time for my Dad's birthday.

The cupcake and icing are subtley flavoured with berry jam, which keeps it super moist  - and have either cream or sour cream in them. Which I believe is the secret to a good cupcake. (Trust me, I am FUSSY. And fat is not bad for you. At all.)

The recipe is below...
P.S - can't WAIT for an slr camera.
P.P.S - Lindt chocolate is the best in the world
P.P.P.S - Husband vote: "These are probably the best cupcakes I've ever eaten."

Here's my recipe:
115gm butter, softened
1/2 cup sugar (I use 50:50 brown and white. Brown sugar tastes better in baking!)
2 eggs
1 cup self-raising flour (or 1 cup normal flour with 1 tspn baking powder)
2 Tbspn milk
1 Tbspn boysenberry jam (raspberry works well. Add more if you want a strong flavour)
1 Tbspn cream (or sour cream)

- Whip the butter and sugar together, add the eggs, jam and cream and mix well. Then sift in the flour and baking powder, along with the milk.
- Spoon into cupcake cases (mine are cute silicon ones from my Bridal Shower. Love them!). And poke a good chunk of nice chocolate into the batter. I recommend never using cooking chocolate - it doesn't taste that good.
- Bake at 180c until lightly browned and the top springs back when pushed (about 11 minutes in my oven)

I make this up as I go but basically make a cream cheese frosting (but I used sour cream, and it worked. Had a nice yoghurty taste), then add a spoon or 2 of jam for colour and flavour, to taste.

I recommend putting a big blob of icing on, followed by a square of nice dark chocolate.


  1. This looks delicious! I'll have to try these when I get back home. I always love a pleasant surprise

  2. OH MY GOSH, these look absolutely legendary!! Need to add these to my repertoire!!

    <3 Mandy xx

  3. Oh my goodness these look amazing! I need to try them. And how fun are those cupcake wrappers!? Love that!

  4. YUM! These look delicious, I love the chocolate on the inside and outside. I will give these a shot next time I have an occasion for such a sweet treat :)

  5. Oh gosh these look absolutely incredible!

  6. Okay...YUM! Chocolate surprises in the inside are the best :)


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