Design-a-Wedding: Peonies & Sparkles

This design has become so close to my heart I almost didn't want to share (...almost.)

It's feminine and glittery... with plenty of silver and pink and white.....
If it was a food, it would be Ambrosia...creamy, sweet, and speckled with marshmallows.

It's definitely my favourite. Ever.

Let's set the scene:

Those ARE sparkley shoes. Because this wedding is not formal. Nope. And YOU, with these babies on your toes, are a stunner. There are no traditions here. Heck - I don't even envision a ceremony taking place. Maybe you get the legal stuff over with at the registry office, spend the afternoon on a fun photo shoot, then meet your friends and family here. This wedding (or anniversary. Or vow renewal. Or birthday...) is just one big party around a beautifully set table. With only your nearest and dearest. In your meadow of a backyard, of course.

The guests arrive to pre-dinner snacks and drinks arranged casually all over..

And a big old table with simple coverings..

...heavily laden with haphazard peonies and other sparkly bits

and maybe the guests meander around the pergola for a while. Which, if you are being fancy, is decorated with ambrosia-coloured streamers
But maybe it isn't - and you just have climbing roses tangled around the surrounded trellises instead. 
Because you have an epic garden, of course.

And then you arrive.

(And you thought you were wearing a long gown, right?)
You are wearing a cute, short dress. With feathers or sparkles or ruffley bits that you would never wear elsewhere because you feel too fancy. Maybe your hair is out/loose and you have a whole lot of gorgeous jewellery spilling off your appendiges.
(ears and arms, people!)

The cake isn't big - and it was probably made in your mother's kitchen - and it's iced roughly with generous amounts of butter icing (no plastic-smooth royal icing here), and topped with you know what...

(Plus don't forget the bling!)

Since this is a small wedding, you have broken out the silverware, AND...
...the jewelled hair bands can double as napkin rings, if you so wish. How fancy would that be? You could get cheap hair sparkles from a costume-jewellery store, and wrap them around big cloth napkins at each plate setting. If you are feeling generous, your guests could keep them as favours.

Or you could have:
These cute little burlap-bag favours, filled with pieces of rock sugar. I have been kind of obsessed with rock sugar since I had it as a kid. It was heaven for a sweet-tooth like me - just like sugar, only bigger!
 It's pretty too.

OR you could have no favours at all. Because really, they aren't nesessary (although a nice gesture) and since this isn't a formal event, why not just enjoy getting dressed up and laughing with your favourite people?
Whilst dripping with diamonds?

(A girl can dream)

As for the rest of the day/night - well it's up to you. But may it be pretty and shiny and deliciously sweet.

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  1. Wow that sounds amazing, thanks for sharing it. I love this whole idea, low key but still sumptuous. FYI those engraved fork thingys are amazing and I think I want them at my wedding; well whenever the day arrives that is!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I am loving that wedding dress hanging with the streamers. It is gorgeous!

    Of course, all your other ideas are stunning too. Mint Juleps are definitely a favorite in my home state of Kentucky.

  3. Love all of these ideas! Ah, I'm starting to get to that age when I think about weddings and marriage and stuff...taking notes as I go along! Haha...oh dear =).

    <3Jo of

  4. This is so gorgeous! I love the inspiration and would love to use these ideas in any outdoor party. Those forks are so cute too.


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