Bedroom plans & virtual makeover

Remember I was stuck on this design dillema for our existing bedroom?
I love how getting some feedback can consolidate your ideas. I saw this yellow Robert Allen fabric the next day and immediately knew what I wanted:

The fabrics are both by Robert Allen (the yellow one is Vintage Blossom, and the multi-coloured is Kiki Pinata) and the lamps are from Joss&Main, although I can't purchase them over here and would be looking for second-hand lamps instead.

I was torn between keeping it neutral for once, or adding colour. But in my life, colour always wins...

Then just for fun, a virtual mockup:
(It looks a bit garrish because I photoshopped fresh print colours onto an artificial-lighting photo, but you get the idea.)

Now my biggest problem is getting the fabrics in New Zealand - they are cheap on if you live in the states... but I'm looking at around $150 to get it in NZ. Challenges!

Are you into colourful bedrooms? Or do you like to keep it soft and neutral in your sleeping area?



  1. Looks great Amy, I look forward to seeing the finished room. Typical of my love of Scandinavian design, our bedroom has white walls, a white duvet, but a bright coloured Indian throw quilt, and more pops of colours in the pillows and cushions. xxx

  2. Love your mock up Amy, looks great.I am always torn between colour and neutral. Thinking neutral and green when we makeover ours. Kelly

  3. I love your choices. I just can't get enough of fabric. It's going to look really pretty. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. That looks so good! I think going with colorful accents/accessories is the way to go, because you can always switch it up without spending too much! My bedspread is a very light peachy pink and white chenille, with black and white pillows. Not bright colors, but not all white either. I am looking for a small hot pink (or some other unexpected color) pillow to add a pop, however!


  5. I really like colours, but have kept it simple in our bedroom. White walls, a antique bedtable and a lots of green plants.
    I really like your ideas! I am working as a interior journalist and you really got style lady ;-)

  6. Love your ideas here! It's inspiring me to work on mine! :)


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!