Bedroom sneak peak {the Nest Project}

After I coveted this Robert Allen fabric, and shipped it over from the States, my Mum kindly sewed 2 big European pillows out of it! This is a little peak of the pillows in our bedroom before any other changes have taken place.. I like it with the fuchsia throw (but different bedding etc):

Watch this space as the rest gets finished off!
Now if only some big colourful artworks and a nice mirror would miraculously appear...

Our aim is to make this house nice without being able to invest a whole lot of time or money into it. That really is what 'the Nest Project' is all about. But I'll be honest: I struggle. I struggle with not being able to make everything instantly perfect... I struggle with patience...and with the reality of a thing called a budget!

Anybody else feel this way?

At the same time, designing (whether interiors, houses, weddings, events...anything!) is what makes me happy. I can't wait to see each of these rooms and projects slowly completed and feel the satisfaction that comes from a good before-and-after. Booyah!


  1. I've just had some fab cushion covers made, they make such a difference don't they?!
    Emma x

  2. Amazing! That fabric and design is so stunning, love the delicate colour of it too. Excited to see more of this!

    Have a lovely day

  3. I love your cushions, and they do look fab with the pink throw. I can definitely relate with what you're going through. There is so much I want to do in our home, but it's a slow process when you have to stick to a budget. Don't worry, it'll come. And sometimes it's better that it didn't all happen at once, your home starts to tell a story when it comes together over time. x


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!