Bedroom reveal - before & after

This post has been a long time coming.... for those of you who don't know, we bought this little house last year and moved in after our wedding 5 months ago. It's a cute little 1940's place and one day we hope to rent it out to tenants.

This picture above is the Before of our bedroom... we LOVE our ginormous marshmallow of a bed. When we moved in one of the first things I did was switch to plain white curtains, but other than that we hadn't touched it until the last 2 weeks.

I saw some yellow fabric from Amazon called Robert Allen Vintage Blossom in Citrine and knew it was me - trees, birds, and the colour yellow are all my favourite things. My mum kindly sewed 2 pillows from the fabric.

We bought these sheepskin rugs on sale and I love them... stepping out of bed onto them is awesome. And the sheepskin ugg boots are my lifesaver.

These teacups were a wedding present from a friend and they ended up being my inspiration for most of the room - a combination of dark + light, with little pops of gold and fuchsia. I also love the Asian influence and carried that through into the pink pillow which is Chinese satin.
The pink fabric was $6.50 and I sewed the cushion this morning in a rush because I'm so impatient. Typical..  The black cushion was $19 at Ezibuy.

This is the whole room from the doorway. It's odd shape means the bed has to go against the window... oh and there is a LOT of wood in our house. All the floors, trim and joinery are old native New Zealand timber.

I'll be honest - this side of the room isn't my favourite. The dresser is usually covered in clothes because the wardrobe is super tiny (like 55cm wide tiny!) but I moved the painting there from the living room to brighten it up a bit and it works for now.

A final before and after:

Thanks for coming on our bedroom tour and seeing this new part of "the Nest Project"!

You can see the rest of our house here


  1. Can you please pimp my house someday/my room today? Chur

  2. Wow, your room is beautiful! I love the oriental inspired pieces!!!
    I really wish I would move my room around, but there is just too much stuff in it *sigh*
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  3. Ditto the above comment. You're awesome Amy!

  4. That is a fine transformation!
    Love the nightstands with the brassy handles.
    And I love my UGG`s too;)

    Lovely greetings...

  5. I love what you did with the room! It's bright and airy and most important, conducive to sleep!

  6. love it! where are the side tables from??

  7. I love bright and airy. I love the big window. Nice job. Xo

  8. The room seems so much more light and airy! I'm currently redoing my bedroom too so I'll be taking some tips :)

    Monochrome Magpie

  9. I love it! It has such a calm and relaxed feel to the room. Do you mind me asking what colour paint you used? I have been looking for something similar for my lounge and dining room - it's the perfect grey, not too light and not too dark. Kate xo


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!