Amy Butler's home - earthy, arty style

I love seeing inside the homes of creative people - especially when I am a fan of their work.

Amy Butler's fabric designs have been an inspiration for me so it made sense to take a peak inside her home. To be honest I was surprised by how natural and earthy most of it was (not completely bright and graphic like I expected) and I kinda love that about it! Its got just the right amount of balance and plenty of textures and materials. Perfect!

You can check the rest of the home tour out here.

Do you like a rustic, earthy vibe at your place? I do, as long as there are plenty of colours and patterns too!


  1. Wow!! What an absolutely gorgeous and most perfect home. Earthy-love. Xo

  2. I love Amy Butler too - her fabrics are divine, and her home is gorgeous too. x

  3. Those pillows on the sofa are fantastic! I've never heard of Amy Butler but her home is amazing. I definitely want to see more of her fabrics! And yes, I am definitely a fan of rustic and earthy!

  4. I'm loving this house. The colour and fabrics are so lively and fun. Great post!


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!