Mother's Day + a word of encouragement

Hey fellow mums. 
How's your Mother's Day going? Ours has been eventful with a morning in the accident & emergency clinic with a very sick little boy, and an afternoon of sitting in the rocking chair in his nursery with him dozing on me. Josh has been totally out of it and concerningly dopey today, but tonight he *thank God* bounced back and is *hopefully* asleep in bed right now. I'll be honest, I loved having him sleep on me. Even if it came at the price of 4 loads of spew-laundry that got all over me and many other things.

I just wanted to quickly share this precious verse I came across this week on a insta-friends feed. I never paid much attention to this one before, but it's a reminder of this promise to us mums of little ones, and a reminder that we can be gentle on ourselves too. I tried to make this a PDF that could be downloaded and printed but blogger is throwing me off so... here's a jpeg. #itried.
I hope this encourages someone out there!

Happy Mother's Day.

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