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NZ Baby Essentials 2018: feat. Babu, Woolbabe, Nature Baby

I love baby things and I get a kick out of keeping our baby stuff organised and in check.
It's taken me a while to figure out what we really use and what the best systems are for us. Everyone has their own idea of the real essentials, but I wanted to show you what I consider my essentials and things that I have used and loved through 2 babies. I still consider Josh a baby and we still use most of these things :)
There are also a couple of things I didn't get but wish I had, so I've included them here. So without further ado.... here are my personal faves:

We got 2 of these for Josh when they were on sale and they're great. They hold up well after washing and come in 2 colours (grey and white). We've given both our kids a 'cuddly' to create a sleep association and it seems to have worked well for us. The minute I give Josh his bunny he snuggles into my neck and relaxes. 

Socks are so practical for little feet as they stay on, and merino is the perfect warm layer that doesn't make the feet clammy. These ones look from Nature Baby look cute.

We didn't have these because they were too expensive, but I always saw others babies wearing them and thought they would make the perfect warm footwear for a winter baby, especially when you're out and about. They look SO snuggly and well made.

We were given some of these as a gift (and my MIL also sewed some wraps for us) and they were so useful. Particularly with my summer baby. I still use Josh's all the time for covering his buggy while he sleeps or as a nice lightweight blanket/sun protector on long car trips. They are so soft and cosy.

Merino bodysuits and pants were pretty much all Josh wore as a newborn and they are still handy now. We got ours at Farmers whenever they had a sale, but you can get them at so many places depending how much you are willing to spend.

We love our Woolbabe sleeping bags. After hearing awful stories in the media about babies getting blankets caught around their necks, I find it's just peace of mind to have a sleeping bag. And of course the more obvious reason that they can't kick them off and get cold! We go for the front-zip ones - I had a side-zip one with Ella but it was less practical. A friend gifted me this Tide coloured duvet sleepbag (so generous) and it's perfect for winter.

I love supporting NZ mum businesses and this one makes really cute dribble bibs. My kids seem to start excessively dribbling from 2 months old so these are so handy to prevent the every-2-hours outfit change when they have drenched their top and got cold!

I am only just realising the benefits of these. When your baby has a cough it's so helpful to turn this on and let some of the mist (not steam because it's not hot) into the room to ease congestion. I bought this one because you have the option to put essential oils in it and diffuse them. Obviously you must research about safety of essential oils with babies, but a drop of lavender oil in a ventilated room can help aid sleep.

I'm a fan of this NZ company because we use their 'De-Stuff' remedies for colds for both us and the kids. This baby balm is all natural and would make a good gift. (For everyday nappy changing, I just use "Castor Oil plus Zinc" barrier cream from the supermarket.)

The oil of sleep! I actually use this for myself and have been sleeping amazingly. 

It has to be gentle, natural and fragrance free for me to use it on my babies. I don't think new babies necessarily need soap - but Josh has a head of hair that he rubs food in so it's very handy now ;)

We had a really hard run of feeding issues with both kids and I ended up having to bottle feed both my babies. We landed on Dr Brown's both times as the best, and now I see they also have a glass version. The more I read about plastic and what it does, the more the glass version appeals to me. We currently have plastic, but if I could go back in time I think I would have got this to start with.

It looks good in the nursery, it's soft, and we'll probably have it for years. This is my fave baby + toddler brush.

Ok so, what are YOUR essentials? 
Which of these would you NOT use?
I love hearing what works for different people! 

I would have to add in the SillyBillyz elasticated bibs with long sleeves from Moore Wilson's  - the only bib that actually keeps their top clean when eating.
AND, Fess "Little Noses" spray. This is often the only relief you can a small baby when they are sick and it works a treat.

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