Handmade goodies from Happyful

Happyful NZ peg dolls

We recently received the oh-so-cute goodies you see above from New Zealand (Wellington!) mum business Happyful NZ. I love finding mum-trepeneurs to support!

If you want some Happyful goodness too, you can use the special discount code BEHAPPY20 for 20% off... especially for readers of this blog. Thanks Viv!

Happyful NZ peg dolls

We got the sweet little butterfly peg dolls, some hairties that I'm going to steal, butterfly hairclips and a panda necklace that is so dainty and perfect for an almost-4-yr old! 

Happyful NZ peg dolls

To wear over her grubby sweatshirt, of course ;)
Happyful NZ necklace

Aren't they sweet?
Happyful NZ peg dolls

And the packaging is pretty too, if you want it for a gift.

Thanks Viv! Check out other Happyful products here - they also have charming art prints from Michelle Stanich, keyrings, and more peg dolls sets & jewellery. Don't forget the discount! (Code BEHAPPY20)

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