Baby news.

So much to say, so little energy...

We're having another baby! I've been WAY less sick this time without experiencing real hyperemesis gravidarum like I did with Ella. I credit this to loads of preparation (including a strict diet and supplements etc for several months before conceiving) and lots of prayer. I found an excellent onlne support group (facebook group: Preventing Hyperemesis Gravidarum) filled with information that no obstetrician or doctor was able to give me - tried and tested by a large community of women who have been through it. But that's a detailed medical post for another day...

I'm 21 weeks now and we found out the gender at our last scan...

We let the 2 grandmothers cut the cake which was hastily whipped up that day/the night before by my mum and I (I did the coloured icing secretly tho).

Why make time-consuming icing when you could just use whipped cream :D

Calum and I found out the gender at the scan so we already knew, but it was fun to surprise our family like this and make it into a little celebration. Because once the baby is born, everyone gets to celebrate except the new parents. Am I right? How many mothers who haven't slept in 3 days, nipples are falling off and have 3rd degree tears are going round partying and eating cake? Not many if any. So it was nice to enjoy it now!

A little boy... we both were kind of in shock as we'd subconsciously assumed it would be another girl. It's exciting tho.

Ella has been the sweetest but she always is. I think we lucked out with perfect toddler with her. I can say that because now we're having a boy and I'll probably always look back on this time with just Ella as a dream, haha... During the scan she was patting my arm and asking "You're alright mummy? You're ok??" in an extra high-pitched little voice that she uses to express concern :D

Sometimes she'll lift up my top to see my belly, say "aww, it's so coot! I jus give da baby a cuddle" and put her head on it.... or yell "It's coming out da belly button!!! I can see it!"

As for how I'm feeling, currently really tired and still occasionally a bit sick. But again, nothing like with Ella where I couldn't hold anything down at all.

I spent the first trimester lying on the couch and avoiding going in the kitchen at all costs, but I could still leave the house without being terrified to drive due to projectile voming without warning at any time... so that's been nice. Starting from week 21 I've been back in the kitchen making the occasional dinner etc. It's nice to be at a stage where I can look at our brown and orange 70s kitchen and not automatically feel nausea... it's been a pretty strong trigger.

I can smell everything and it's not cool. I've started avoiding butter on bread because I can smell the fridge on the butter.... I can almost taste the contents of the fridge in it. Like, some shaved ham, leftover rice, cucumber... I can taste/smell it all on the butter on my toast. It must absorb surrounding smells but so subtly that only a pregnant women could detect it?! Gross.

I just want to eat all the dairy products right now. In lieu of butter I'm loving thick cream cheese on my bread... so good and requires no cooking at all. Then obviously milk/cream are winners. I still automatically hold my breath when I open the fridge to get stuff! I'm starting to crave fresh healthy food now that summer's coming but I feel sick without filling up on the requisite bland creamy carbs & dairy too. I still hate strong flavours and smells (pesto, garlic, herbs etc) but it doesn't actually make me spew so, winning.

How much else can I write about this?! It's flying by which is SO NICE after my last pregnancy which seemed to take years. I literally counted every day for that one... sometimes checking several times per day to see if time had moved forward any faster but nope... that's something I don't miss at all.

I'm so thankful for a miracle pregnancy and not being hospitalised and all the rest like we were prepared for!

Looking forward to having this baby here and out of my body already tho. Pregnant ladies know what I'm talkin bout...

I asked the husband to take this one again because the angle makes my belly look freakin ginormous (I'm sure it's not that huge yet...?!) but he was literally offended so... this is it :)

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  1. You are hilarious Amy! I miss you. So glad your nausea was way better than expected. Let's catch up. X


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