Things, and stuff.

Couldn't decide whether to call this post Things, and stuff; or Stuff, and things.
My life is pretty complicated these days.......

1. THIS WEEK. How much more cray could it get (I don't dare ask). Starting with the election results on the other side of the world throwing everything and everyone into a frenzy of curse words and lengthy arguments with a healthy side of snarkiness seeing as all this happens on social media so everyone can hide behind their screen and have a good vent without needing to observe the usual convention of say, being nice to people; and finishing with flooding and earthquakes down here in little old New Zealand. AND my new nephew was born today. All the things!

2. Ever just not want to read the news ever again? I already avoid anything with the word 'toddler' in it as it's always something that makes my mummy-heart spaz out with horror/disgust/sadness/etc. Driveways, drainholes, swimming pools, ARG. But now I'm also seeing things about say, babies being hacked with machetes in Sudan while their mums and sisters are being gang-raped and it's like, how much more can our world take? (A lot, probably... we humans are pretty pro at ***ing everything up are we not.)

3.  People are so different. It's fascinating that 2 people who grew up in the same culture and communities can have VASTLY different strong opinions about the same things...and seemingly not be that different from each other in any other way. I try to remind myself that most of us are coming at our various views (political opinions etc) from a good heart, even if that manifests in completely different ways. (And honestly, sometimes with the media being SO biased towards one side I find myself asking, "What is TRUTH?!" just like Pilate before Jesus' trial and execution because I'm so deep like that... ;) )

4. After these recent big earthquakes in Wellington I would kind of like my husband never to work in his office building in town ever again in case the next big one strikes during daylight hours and you know, kills everyone. Hundreds of really tall unsturdy buildings built right on a fault line in a city that is competely isolated from the rest of the country with ONE road in and out that would be munted in a quake. Sounds just peachy. Who's with me????

[On my mind]

5. I put up our Christmas tree like a week ago. All the low-hanging fruit decorations have already been removed by my daughter to display in her 'shop'. Aka on a plastic storage box. Then she calls to me "Hey shop lady, what you like?" and if I say "Ummm could I have that candy cane decoration back please" she goes "That's 10 dollars" takes my money and then runs off with the decoration. Such a thief.

6. Ella 'reads' for like an hour a day by herself. I don't know what we did to deserve this but I'll take it. Sometimes she even says "I'm tired, I just need go to bed.... with my books" so that she can sit in her cot surrounded by all her papery belongings and bark at me "Close the door!" so she can read/rip pages in peace.

7. That girl is a sweetheart. She often says she needs to look at the baby, comes over and lifts my shirt, pats my tummy saying "Aww! it's so coot! It's in your belly button! It's not come out for a long time."

8. Speaking of 'coot' she comes clothes shopping with me and selects items off their hangers like say a pair of boring black pants and exclaims "Ohh! Dat's so coot!"

9. She sometimes calls Calum 'Daddy bear' just casually. BLESS.

10. I'm stumped. I made cookies? And they were really good? I guess that's enough of a new item to finish this list!

(And incase you missed it, our Baby News. I can't believe I've blogged twice this month already...:D )


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