Just a little self-promo... necklaces I make, 25% off for Mother's day

We have been purging so hard around here and I might have a blog post coming about it at some point as it's been quite extreme! And eye-opening.

But on that note... let's help me get some of these handmade-by-me necklaces out of my studio (aka guest bedroom) and onto your necks! Or into a gift bag for someone who will appreciate them, at least ;)

Just to recap, these are made of silicon beads which are design to be safe for a baby to chew and slobber on while an adult wears the necklace. (That does not mean they are only for mothers! They are still cool and no-one can tell they are made of food-safe silicon, yo.)

Every mum knows how hard it is to wear necklaces with grabby babies and toddlers around. So... they are going on to be 25% off until Mother's day on Sunday the 8th May from the Five Kinds of Happy Etsy shop. Just enter the promo code MUM25 at the checkout.

And because I don't know how to give different promo codes to different products on Etsy... all the other stuff is going to be 25% off too. Just remember to enter code MUM25 at checkout!!!

Ummmm and I might even make a little Facebook promo where if you care and share I'll hook you up with a little prize. Delectable New Zealand chocolate? Necklaces? Follow the Five Kinds of Happy facebook page for more deats tomorrow :)

Have fun and tell your friends to stop by the Five Kinds of Happy Etsy shop pretty please :)

(Do you think I put enough links in this blog post?????????
Rhetorical question.)
And now for the pics.
Bubblemint cushion cover
(reverse of Bubblemint cushion)

[My Kind of Rainbow necklace]

[Think Pink & Black necklace]

[Rocks that I Got necklace]
[Gurl You Cray necklace]

Boom shakalaka.
See you at the shop and on Facebook!

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