Any given day

Hey guys,
Ella here.
My mummy has stopped buying crap to hoard so we actually have to use things we already have which are being hoarded in the downstairs bedroom that mummy keeps the door closed on when people come round so that no-one will ever know we are hoarders.
She has a bajillion useless photo frames so finally that woman got some sense and put photos in them and hung them on the wall. We've only been living here since before I was born and everything.

She thought this photo of the wall was ugly but if she just angled it a little more so you could see more of that second photo of ME would we even be having this discussion?

And guys. Guys. I have the best playroom. It's all piled high with colourful junk that makes adults' skin crawl.  My mum spent a whole day moving those pictures around because 'they're still not riiiight' but am I supposed to care?

Did you know there are MILLIONS OF CLOTHES-WEARING MICE eating candyfloss and other assorted Carnival goodies in that painting?
It blows my mind too.

We put these things on the drawers so that I have something to do rock climbing on. I think they're biscuits? At least that's what I've been calling them this whole time.

GUYS! I found this thing in the drawer! You just pull on the biscuits and then there's a BOX and it has THIS old paper stuff in it!

I told you this room was good.

There's this weird thing hanging here I don't know what for.

Omg it's me everytime!
It's me!
It's always me.

Ok I'm back.

Highlight of this room: this gloomy corner where I do drawing. All day erryday.
Also where I serve my famous 'cuppitteeeeee's which are positively delightful if I do say so myself.

A chair to stand on while I pull felt pens off the dresser? Don't mind if I do.

In other news, I still sleep in my nursery in a cot. God forbid they ever give me the freedom to get up out of bed on my own and run around the house while they sleep. All they care about is their precious sleep...

... adults are so egocentricOMG ITS ME AGAIN

Pooh beeya! Pooh beeya? Nappy change? Time for bett? Nigh-nigh dawling! Seeya! Bai!

Oh sorry I forgot I was talking to you guys.

Which I think is spelled 'snail"? Don't know why when it's clearly an Anal, hanging from my mobile, next to the ButterBye.
Can't you see it?
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

My fave: Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, run upstairs.
I ripped these pages out of a book so now I get them in lopsided frames on my wall. isn't that cool?
Also do you like how many things I have hanging on my Piano Key hook board because someone didn't buy me enough clotheshangers for my extensive wardrobe? Filled with Pity Jesses and ooshz and orts?
Don't tell me you don't wear Pitty Jesses.
Oh hell, you have no idea what I'm talking about again.

Anyway the rubbish truck's about the go past so I just need to run outside and put my face through the railings on the deck and yell BAH TUCK for 5 minutes and then get some stones out of the pot plants and hide them in tissue boxes around the house, and then I'm going to try to initiate a game of hide and seek which, if you don't know, is where you yell "one two fee sick seben" while you run in and out of a wardrobe squealing (haven't you played it?) so I must run but...

Now that I'm a certifiable blogger I thought I'd finish with the classic smile-and-look-down which to me sounds quite like 'spray and walk away' which I think is more catchy isn't it?

Spray and walk away.



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