Update: painting, drawing, making

In order:

1. I ran a Facebook competition for my Etsy shop

2. The winner lived in Canada so I got to post the chocolately prize with one of the necklaces I make, AND a cushion cover that she purchased.

3. I have more necklace designs coming - the shop will be filled up again soon.

4. I've been purging/simplifying like my life depends on it and it's so good to break my hold on hoarding and materialism. Some of our most hoarded treasures that I've been saving "for our dream house" have now actually been passed on to good causes - really good causes - and I'm so glad. We don't need all that stuff - our house is lovely because of the sunlight and views and spaciousness, and no amount of added material possessions are going to change that. If anything they sometimes take away from it.

5. I painted this pot in an attempt to get the Rifle Paper co floral look. Hmmm could use some work.

6. It was my Dad's birthday and I didn't know what to make, so started doodling this. I was completely unconvinced but actually it turned out great and brought me back to me childhood + teen-dom when all I ever did was draw people. 

[in progress]

[Displayed stunningly against our bisque coloured, textured 70s walls...]
7. Basically everyone I know is having babies.
When I was pregnant with Ella I barely knew anyone who was pregnant or had kids, but now it's like parenthood has exploded all over our friend-circle. Yay!

8. I'm not a fan of Winter at ALL (it's the cloudy, gloomy days that get me. I feel like my eyes aren't working properly and spend my days feeling blind and sleepy). So this year I'm all about the mood-lighting to create ambiance and remind me of Swedish winters (they do it properly!)

Also.... my cutie-patootie daughter is coming up with something new everyday. Recently she just started counting and there's an underlying cheekiness to her happy personality that I find adorable. I had a video to upload here but it won't work... so you'll just have to take my word for it :)

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