Personal faves: pretty baby products

And by 'baby products' I mean completely non-essential luxury items that I think are really ridiculously good looking.

If there's one thing I can't stand (there isn't - it's much higher than that) it's blog posts listing "Essentials". "Top 10 baby essentials you MUST have" - that sort of thing.

There are very few things in life that are actually essential. And then there are some that are definitely more in the luxury category. I'm rounding these ones up because then I don't need to keep 10 tabs open in my phone browser at all times to remind me of my 'inspiration' and also,  the thing I love about many of these is that they are handmade and, IF you were the making type, you could attempt to make something along these lines yourself and save heaps of $$$.

There are so many babies in my life at the moment and with starting the Five Kinds of Happy Shop which is kind of baby/mummy focussed, I've been keeping my eyes on baby products everywhere.

Anyway, here's my little roundup of things I've enjoyed seeing available in the kidswear/sleep departments. The cushion and sheet below are both from discontinued Dwell Studio baby lines and I reeeeeally want them. The cushion would go perfectly with the quilt I am 'making' (aka hoarding fabric for but haven't done anything else) for my toddler. And the other sheet is just pretty.
Plus if you child is anything like mine then you can never have too many sheets... especially when you're on holiday and everyone gets a spew bug so you just sleep on sandy beach towels. Not that we would know.
T-Bar mocs from Little Scout
 Bloomers from Printe Bebe 
Overalls from Next
Knitted blanket from Yarning Made
Posey crib bedding & Rosette Cushion from Amazon

Obviously, I do think you should also add chewy necklaces from the Five Kinds of Happy Shop to that list.... SLOW WINK

Well, I have procrastinated the dreaded task of washing my hair for an hour now. Maybe two. Why does it always seem like such a momentous task? Boofy-hair-ladies, you know what I mean right? And then the hour of straightening after it's dried, approximately 12 hours later?

Off I go...

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