My shop, colourful necklaces, and contentment.

There have been some new things happening in my life lately, and none exactly what I expected! It's been a weird season of feeling kind of in limbo and just not sure what direction anything is going in. And feeling totally at peace and calm about that.

I've always wanted to do interior design or architecture but my plans in those areas just kept getting frustrated. Recently I've developed a weird passion for making things (remember here and here?) and I think there was a purpose in all of that. It's small, simple and humbling compared to the big business plans I/we have had over the months/years but I've opened a little shop, on Etsy, where I'm selling little things I make. I've been surprised so far by how much I can make out of supplies I already have, and it feels good to finally have a purpose for them. I've been really enjoying putting together these little things to sell. 

I've seen a lot of 'chew bead' necklaces for sale lately, which are necklaces made from food-safe silicon beads that are meant for mothers to wear so their babies can suck or chew on them. (Anyone with babies knows that they will suck or chew on ANY jewellery you wear so it may as well be safe and chewable.) I've seen these around, but I haven't seen any like this... because my addiction to colour is a bit crazy.

Five Kinds of Happy silicon bead necklace, funky colours
[Hence why this one is called the "Gurl, You Cray" necklace...]
Don't worry, they're not all that bright! (Though I do love the bright. It makes me happy.)
I've even done some awkward selfies on Instagram. The necklace below came about because I was disappointed with the colours in my silicon bead supplies and wanted to buy more... but felt convicted (is that the word?) to just use the colours I had and not buy anything else. This lesson in CONTENTMENT is one I've been learning in a big way with our house. I wanted to apply it to the beads as well. So I just started stringing together the colours I had left. I was so surprised when this resulted! Previously I had been trying to mimic the look of all the chew bead necklaces out there and I was just SO BORED with them. So this was a happy accident and sparked a whole new style that I'll be making.

Five Kinds of Happy silicon bead necklace, funky colours
[Look down? Look up? Smirk?]
 I also have these shorter ones which I love because they go with any outfit - this one below looks great with a black singlet or tshirt. So simple but snazzy.
Five Kinds of Happy silicon bead necklace, funky colours

 Anyway, and then I still had some cushion covers from projects past! So I listed those in the shop too, and may make more, although the ones I plan to make are a little more creative than these below.

Five Kinds of Happy pink cushion covers

 I popped some of the spare cushions (not being sold) in my daughter's reading corner and they just go.

Five Kinds of Happy cushion covers

The shop link is here: Five Kinds of Happy Shop.
AND, you know I wouldn't be Amy MacLeod if I didn't include some kind of little sweet treat with each purchase.
I've made all shipping within New Zealand completely free. I wanted to do free shipping world wide, but the costs were just too high, so I've just put on a low shipping cost for the rest of the world.

Oh, and I updated my blog banner a bit to match. It was this before:
..which I like, but adding some colour felt needed.

In other news, it's the weekend when I'm writing this, and I'm so glad. Something about hanging washing in the sunshine and taking pictures of cushions and going out for coffee and breakfast with my babes is just bliss at the moment!

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