Easter, yummies, pretties, 20% off shop.

Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared and commented on my facebook and IG announcements about opening the little Five Kinds of Happy shop. I sent out my first order yesterday and it made me feel so productive. 

I just wanted to pop in and spam with some of the pretty (and not so pretty) things happening in our life lately. 

Last weekend we had such an amazing relaxing weekend doing gardening together, getting coffee at a great local-ish cafe in the crisp Autumn morning - passing epic scenery on the way, seeing grandparents, and catching a movie with my brother + friends. And THIS weekend is a 4 day extravaganza. 

I made some cupcakes with a square of chocolate hidden inside and cream cheese icing. So simple but looks really cute with sprinkles and a cadbury mini-egg. The silicon cupcake cases were a gift from my 'kitchen tea' before getting married and they are amazing - finally no crumbs get stuck to the casings.

[Calum got me these plates for 50c each at a closing down sale from a cafe or something. Love]

 Mmm. Don't mind if I do.

Luckily we had a church home group around that night to eat them all or I would be diabetic by now.

Speaking of easter, I had this vision of vases stuffed full with gorgeous pastel blooms.

[Close enough]
 I also posted out my first necklace order from the Five Kinds of Happy shop.

... and started an Easter special for 20% of every order until Tuesday using the code EASTER20.
How Easter-delicious are these colours together??
Both are in the shop.

We'll be celebrating Easter in a pretty relaxed way, as per usual. I haven't bought any chocolate and I don't plan to. (Health kick / trying a hyperemesis gravidarum prevention diet. Which has been challenging! I just made a failed brownie and had to test quite a few pieces...).

Although I did ask my husband to bring home "a small bag because I only need a few" cadbury mini eggs to put on the cupcakes.
A small bag, or  a giant container filled with small bags. Whichever.
And most importantly, trying to focus on the whole reason that we as a family celebrate Easter.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend!
If you are in New Zealand you'll be enjoying the start of Autumn and hopefully some more of this epic sunny weather we've been having. Hopefully...

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