You Make Beautiful Things

Good morning world!
("World". hehe.)

It's Saturday morning here in New Zealand and there is nothing like a little Call Me Maybe to kickstart the weekend! Wait... who said that... 

Anyway, I thought I would do something different and leave a little positivity for your weekend. (Maybe this will become a thing. I don't know..)

If there's anything I have picked up on over this past year (out of a zillion new things that I've been experiencing: first home, being married, getting into this blog, etc) it's the power of words, and of positive thinking. There are a lot of threads to this topic but here’s what’s been on my mind lately: Beautiful Things.

The other night as I said my prayers I heard this come out of me: “Thank you for the beautiful things in life: art, architecture, interior design and writing.”
I am truly thankful for these things. But it made me inside-smile about what different people would perceive as “The Beautiful Things in Life”.

Does it make you think of a flawless artwork?  A masterpiece of design? Maybe something which is dearly loved and therefore absolutely perfect… even with its imperfections?

What if you believed that you were a Beautiful Thing?
That you were created, designed, and dearly loved even with your imperfections?
That the things you consider beautiful, are God-given passions and that He loves to see you use your gifts?
What if you actually believed it? For real. How would that change the way you work and look at life?

In the words of the song…
You Make Beautiful Things out of us, print

Happy positive weekend!
What are your Beautiful Things?


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for your comments yesterday, they made my day and I needed to hear them, so thank you. I love this post - I started singing that song right when I saw the title, before I even read the post, haha. I think we are kindred spirits :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Beautiful words. I think everything is better with a little imperfection, how boring would it be if all things were perfect! x


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!