Tips & Tricks - playing Designer

Remember when I mentioned how I learnt a lot by playing Interior Designer when I did over the Blue Room?

It's probably the only time in my life that I've painted, styled, and installed an entire (albeit simple) room design all in one go - as opposed to slowly building it up bit by bit over time.

For me it was like a practice run for doing it for actual clients in the future, so even though it was a simple decorating project and the 'clients' were my parents, I made a few mental notes that would have made the process easier, and have decided to record them here:

1) Dress the part. For me, this meant dressing all hipster and bright on the day that I was choosing accessories and moving furniture.

 ... because I am so highly visual and colour-affected that I knew this would give me some boldness with my decisions. It really made a difference!

Obviously this was super casual. If I was doing something slightly more professional {like meeting with a client, or even making calls and doing admin and spreadsheets} I would dress the part for that, too. It might still involve pink jeans, but hopefully with a tailored blazer and heels instead. My outfits completely affect my mental state. Having said that, I shouldn't be typing this wearing a T-shirt and a blanket, should I....

2) When you are on location, keep a kit on hand, with all the essentials for the job {on top of the obvious stuff like equipment you need for painting etc}:
  • rubbing alcohol or meths along with a cloth - for getting the glue left on the back of price-stickers off vases, and stuff like that.
  • painters tape (allows you to mark out areas without ripping paint off walls), a hammer, a tape measure, rags, and notepad with pencil.
  • rubber gloves. So that when you go to take a photo like this, you can look even that little bit more awkward.

{I'm not preggers. It's bad posture}

3) Buy a journal to use as a Cost Book and take detailed notes of every purchase, along with your payment method and any returns or exchanges made. Have another notebook with notes specific to that projects {to-to-lists, etc}. Keep them in your bag at all times.

4) With the above, keep an envelope (or pocket in the journal) with ALL the receipts for the project and make sure it is impeccably labelled and organised.

5) 'Shop' within the house for existing objects that could be given new life...
Amy MacLeod Interior design, pink jeans

Wait, I mean new life in the room design.... DO NOT steal client's handbag. No matter how much it goes with your hipstery gear!

{P.S this 'client' is my Mum. Don't worry - I wouldn't go creeping around client's houses and photographing myself wearing their belongings.... promise.}

Amy MacLeod Interior design

6) Instagram to your heart's content - a running commentary in picture format is kinda fun. For you at least. ;)

NOW, what I really want to hear is, what are your tips????????????
How do 'real designers' do it? 
How do you do it?

I'm beyond eager to learn!

A BIG P.S - I totally forgot to post about it with the Blue Room reveal a few days back, but I guest-posted on Michaela Noelle's blog, and you should totally check it out here. Michaela is a babe and has the loveliest blog and interior design skills!


  1. LOVE it!!! Impeccably organized is ma jammmm. All going points to note and remember, don't worry I steal client's handbags all the time, s'no big deal.

  2. I always dream of being an interior designer too. Looks like you have it down. Great tips, Amy!

  3. These are such fun tips. I think keeping a cost book is especially a good tip. I'm just a design student now, but I can't wait for the real thing! SO happy you found my blog so I could find yours in return.
    Your newest follower,

  4. This is so great and informational! I totally get what you;re saying about dressing for the part - it can totally affect your mindset and what you are able to do. And you def don't look preggo ;)

  5. So much colour makes me so happy ! I love the pink pants and that bag is too die for oh and for added bonus you look far better than I when doing a spot of DIY !!!

    Love Chrissi xo


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