Colourful birthday outfit

Just a little snippet of my birthday-date outfit from last night, which was my real birthday, (even tho I have dragged it out over the last 2 weeks to fit with my study break and Easter.)

We went to a local pan-European restaurant and I had the most amazing angus ribeye that I've ever tried in my life! {And no, I don't know what 'pan-European' means either.}

I tried to snap some outfit shots for you on my new phone as we walked out the door, but wasn't quite feeling the yellow-light shots with lots of shadows......

Dress: Dotti, Boots: ooold, Jacket: Glassons last season

But here are a couple anyway!

In other news, I just got Instagram! I'm extreeemely excited about this and I love putting outfit and social shots on there.

My username is amy_fivekinds.
What's yours??

Can't wait to share!

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  1. Happy birthday! Such a cute, colorful dress. I'm an Aries too, btw :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! April babies ROCK ;-) Awesome outfit...beautiful dress. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to you! That outfit is perfect, i love the print on the dress and so jealous of your leather jacket x

  4. Happy Birthday! I LOVE this look!!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love your outfit! So cute! I'm your 100th follower! Yay!

    Xx Kelly

  6. so cute, that dress is amazing, really great tribal pattern for spring/summer!! hope you had a wonderful birthday!! :)


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