2 Coffee Table Looks - which are you?

Exhibit A:

Or Exhibit B.....:

I found these table-styling pics at the Everygirl and was totally stuck by the first one. Is it just me or is feminine decorating become more and more popular. I'm sure the girly-look with piles of pink and sparkles didn't used to be so cool.

I'm down with this.

...and I'm down with Exhibit B too. Always a sucker for a colour splash - tho I would do it against a more neutral couch rather than brown leather.... (and by neutral I mean white... ;) )

Which look would you choose?
If you're just back from Easter, here's a little of what we got up to. Hope you had a lovely break!


  1. I'd choose the first one. But love them both

  2. I love the first one, and I just hope that my husband tolerates it!

  3. I definitely like the first one best.

  4. Ha, I just posted that top image to my Facebook page after finding it, and loving it, on 'Design Darling'. But I also love the 2nd image - the black & white rug is divine, and looks fab with the bursts of colour around it. xxx

  5. I am definitely a colour splash kinda girl! Lovely post!

    Have a wonderful week lovely!

  6. Oooh I like them both but the first one is definitely calling my name! So sweet and pretty. Xo, Katie

  7. I am the first one for sure! But love them both!

  8. I would choose B, I'm more of the colour splash. Is amazing! <3

  9. aww they are both so adorable!! i think i would choose A...! and i lovee your backround, like a lacey burlap look, so cute! wonderful blog!

  10. LOVE this post. I'm pretty partial to the first photo...but I adore them all. so creative and fun~


  11. All of them look great. The first exhibit looks stylish and fresh, while exhibit B looks minimalist and simple. I think I should choose B as well. Exhibit B is a perfect style of coffee table for me.

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