She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, #2

She loves me:
1. Good coffee - New Zealand officially has the best coffee in the known world* - I highly recommend every person in the world to come to Wellington and order a flat white! {I'm pretty sure we are ALL coffee snobs here!)

{Incidentally, amazing package is up there on my Love list too}
*I might have just made this up, but I dare you to try it!

2. Hot showers...I can't think of a better way to start each day!

Don't think I will posting an action pic of this one, BUT how awesome is this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters:
{I hope to make something similar}

3. Pretty details around the place - like this pinboard I used for special notes and inspiration:

4. Seeing progress on our house

5. Creative and colourful outfits - for too long I dressed status-quo; now I'm finally understanding which clothes are really ME, and making a conscious decision to dress this way every day. Thank you fashion blogs for the motivation!

6. My mum - only the best you could ask for.

7. Early nights - call me a nana but being in bed early is one of the biggest luxuries I can think of! Say it's 9pm and I'm snuggled up with a hot milo and lots of blogs to read..... amazing.

She Loves Me Not:
1. Stress - this year is going to be a big test of my ability to deal with this one - here's my school work overtaking the "man-cave" ......oops sorry babe.

2. Cold houses - a huge problem in this country and really unpleasant during winter... lucky I am studying architecture ;)

I wrote this post for Michaela's series over at Michaela Noelle Design - her blog is addictive!
What are your loves and love-nots? Who's with me on the early-nana-nights?

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  1. Love your loves! Your house progress is so beautiful and I always adore your outfits! Thanks for linking up, friend :)

  2. Cute photos! Love your living room it's so fresh and crisp feeling! Love the pinboard as well!


  3. Cute dress, and your house is looking fab - where did you get that cool round cushion/ottoman (on top of other cushions)? Love it. xxx

  4. OMG your mum is absolutely gorgeous....and very stylish too :-)

  5. Agree, agree, agree! Agree with everything on your list (although I am still in the process of finding my own place) and I have to admit I have never tried any NZ brew and with no immediate travel plans either I might just keep an eye out for something imported from NZ!

    Have an amazing day!

  6. I am in complete agreement with the other comments. Your house is darling! Also, I really love the pinboard because it is such a crafty way to see your ideas or inspirations come together.

    many blessings,

  7. I die for that shower curtain!! Also love your living room, it's so chic and looks cozy!

  8. love your photos! What a happy lovely blog. Glad I stopped by- be back often :)


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