The Perfect Bed (x 7)

Fancy lighting, deep jewel tones, a big ol' mirror and a few gold edgings here and there.

Daring colour pops and no strict structure

Layers of worn-in fabric and warm timber

Muted and dramatic at the same time

An eclectic mix of styles, symmetry and oriental influences (ala Hollywood Regency)

Bold, bright, and deliberately haphazard

So... Which type are you?

Pic sources:
1. Sweet Home Style
2. via Loveology
3. via Miss Indie
4. Urban Outfitters
5. via La Dolce Vita
6. via Pinterest and Bright Bazaar
7. Lise Roy


  1. Definitely the first room - love those gorgeous rich colours. Although I like the pillowcases on the 2nd photos too. xxx

  2. I think I'm somewhere between the chic and the traveler.

  3. The Oppulent - wishing this was my bedroom!


  4. Hard to choose...but maybe number 1...:)

  5. Wow they are all so beautiful but I'm in love with #1 The Oppulent and #5 The Traveller. Both are so incredibly perfect!


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