Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2012

interior design trends 2012
1. The sectional sofa is BACK. I think we subconsciously all saw this one coming. Who can resist a huge comfy nest that you can sink into and stretch out on all at the same time? Not me or the husband...

 interior design trends 2012
 2. Fabrics are SOFT. We are going to see this in all kinds of ways - animal furs, extra-fat pillows, velvet... and it's croppin up EVERYWHERE.

 interior design trends 2012
 3. Sheepskin. I don't know about you but this white-fluffy-magic really reminds me of the 80s. Husband and I seem to have aquired a tonne of it in the last few weeks! As I write this I am snuggled into a mohair cocoon.

 interior design trends 2012
4. Old Patterns = New Patterns
Yep, chevron, ikat, chain-link... they are all crazy old. Did you know that? I didn't. I'm pretty sure Victorian's beat us to it. But do correct me if I'm wrong, because I might have just made that up.

5. Vintage is still cool.
You totally already knew this. But old stuff = cool stuff. I like this because we are buying all our furniture second hand since we are poor. ;)
 interior design trends 2012 
6. Leather 
You may have noticed leather clothing in places where you wouldn't have expected it lately.. you know, like, leather shorts. That are actually fashionable. (Even tho I can't differentiate them from sexy lederhosen.)...this trend will be echoed in interiors. But not in quite the same way. Phew.

7.  In theme with the soft + furry trends above, pillows and rugs take centre stage. Mmm cuddly.

 So in summary, pretty much anything snugglicious and cosy is the next big thing. I'm more than happy with that because I'm a sucker for a warm cuddly space. 

How about you?


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 P.S I hate citing Pinterest as a source but often they are not linked up to a specific article! Grr


  1. What a great compilation of trends! And mostly, I love them all! I think the only one I'm not keen on is sheepskin....just can't get used to that.

  2. Love all these trends. I didn't know sectionals were out though, so clearly I'm not up on everything.

    1. Great recap of trends! That sectional is amazing. :)


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