Pepperkakor and Christmas

Christmas for me feels like the arrival of summer, family coming home, strawberries with icing sugar, and a pile of presents under the same plastic Christmas tree we've had since I was born. When I was studying in Sweden it was the total opposite, and I found myself loving Christmas baking and cosy candles... and now those things feel like Christmas, too.

My version of Pepperkakor (the traditional crispy ginger biscuit that Swedes sometimes decorate) is a little more messy (as usual) and a softer recipe, but tastes great. Now I'm wondering:

...What feels like Christmas for you?

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  1. Those cookies look perfect (and scrumptious)! Christmas for me is being with family and having no major obligations for just a day or two. And eating lots of treats. :)

    I hope you had a great one!


Thanks for your comment. You are awesome!